About Us



Al Shams Centre for People with Disabilities was founded in 2014 to meet the growing demand for high quality educational and therapeutic services for students with special needs and to offer support for their families in Sharjah and the surrounding Emirates.

Our highly qualified and motivated team provide excellent educational, speech-language, occupational therapy and behaviour modification programmes to ensure that each student’s abilities are developed. Children with autism, behaviour and communication difficulties, learning and developmental delays and are welcomed to learn, discover and unfold their individuality in a nurturing and caring atmosphere.

Al Shams Centre offers evaluations, diagnoses and individualized education plans implemented in early intervention and junior educational programmes in order to focus on the student and his specific learning and developmental needs. The early intervention and educational programmes are supported by specialized services, including speech, occupational and behavioural therapy and provide services for students from 4-14 years. As the students progress, these services will be expanded to provide senior educational, pre- and vocational services.

Al Shams Centre further offers a wide range of assessments and individual Speech-Language, Occupational and Behavioural Therapy services for children in the community from 0-18 years. The individual and/or group therapy sessions aim to develop the child’s abilities to succeed in his school and home environment as well as to support his parents and teachers to ensure continual progress.

We believe that each child should be able to receive the highest quality services in the community in which he/she grows up to become an integrated member of the society.