This programme offers an individualized educational programme to students aged 6-14 years with mental disabilities, autism and multiple disabilities.
Each student’s goals are outlined in his/her IEP and the educational programme will cover all key and functional areas to develop the student’s basic skills. These areas may include physical skills, self-help skills, sensory and motor skills, receptive and expressive language skills. The students are placed according to their ages and level of functioning into classes which consist of 7 to 10 students.
Evidence-based instructional practices are implemented in an intensive, highly supportive environment that maintains a low student/teacher ratio which addresses the unique, educational and therapeutic needs of each child. The primary language of instruction is English with Arabic as the secondary instructional language. The choice of primary instruction language will be according to the student’s level of fluency and understanding. Classroom teachers and related service providers work together in a highly coordinated fashion to maximize the educational benefits for students. Structured Teaching of the TEACCH approach is incorporated in the method of teaching. TEACCH was specifically developed to support students with autism in learning but it benefits most students. A behaviour modification programme will be integrated in the teaching approach to manage especially students with attention and behavioural problems.
Physical education is provided to promote physical fitness and include swimming, sports and gym classes.
The students can participate in educational field trips which will facilitate their community participation as well as provide the students with additional experiences and knowledge regarding subjects and topics taught in the classroom.