The therapy programme is designed to provide individual and small group therapy for children, aged 0-18, in the community who are in need of these services. Speech and Language therapy, Occupational Therapy and Behaviour Modification will be provided to ensure that the children receive the service they require.


  1. Assessment and treatment procedures
  2. Standardized Assessments and Screenings
  3. Speech and Language Therapy:
  • What does a Speech – Language therapist do?
  • Assessment and Treatment
  • Who will benefit from Speech-Language Therapy
  • Therapeutic Methods:

o Auditory Verbal Therapy
o Phonological Therapy
o Fluency and Voice Therapy
o Language intervention activities
o Articulation therapy
o Oral-motor/feeding and swallowing therapy

  1. Occupational Therapy:• What does an Occupational Therapist do?
    • Assessment and Treatment
    • Who will benefit from Occupational Therapy?
    • Therapeutic Approaches:o Sensory Integration
    o Neurodevelopmental Therapy
    o Therapeutic Listening Programme
    o Life skill training
  2. Psychology:• What does a Psychologist do?
    • Consultation
    • Assessment
    • Therapy and Intervention
    • Guidance and Training
    • Who will benefit from the Behaviour Modification Programme?o Behavioural modification programmes